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Cedro Galán is a semi-rural community of 3,500 on the outskirts of Managua, Nicaragua. Members of this community live on $1.32 a day and, prior to October 2013, had extremely limited access to even the most basic health services. 


USF Health Nicaragua is a coalition of students and faculty committed to supporting Manna Project International, an NGO that has been working in Cedro Gan for over 10 years, in addressing this problem. The solution? A holistic health initiative that includes a primary care clinic and health education program. 


This initiative aims to improve the overall health and well-being of Cedro Galán by taking care of treatable and preventable medical conditions. This way, the community can focus on living, growing, and moving forward.


USF Health Nicaragua supports Manna Project International in a number of ways including capacity building, quality improvement, and clinical research. One of our biggest contributions, however, is funding. As you might imagine, providing healthcare can get pretty expensive. This is one way you can help. All funds go directly to maintaining the clinic and health education programs


Donate below to make access to healthcare a continued reality for one of those 3,500.


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